Cishumanism is a newly formed ideology designed to counteract the progression of the transhumanist movement. Transhumanism, as described by Wikipedia, is an international intellectual and cultural movement that affirms the possibility and desirability of fundamentally transforming the human condition by developing and making widely available technologies to eliminate aging and to greatly enhance human intellectual, physical, and psychological capacities. Cishumanism attempts to oppose transhumanism at the roots (get it? trans, cis). We who do not wish to have our bodies replaced by machines, who desire to live out our lives on this green Earth in our fleshy coffins, can now unite under one banner. The development of technologies to enhance the human condition will lead to unprecedented divides between the rich and the poor. Those without the means for enhancement will be be exponentially left in the dust as those with more resources attain capabilities beyond our wildest dreams. As a species, we must unite underneath cishumanism. Machines are our creations, we use them for our benefit and overall wellbeing. Transhumanism implies the joining of man with machine, the enactment of which will remove the distinction between creator and creation, leaving us as nothing more than extraneous matter taxing our robotic bodies with organic needs. If we allow our machines to be part of us, they will soon create for us, they will create themselves, they will create themselves better that we do, and we will become obsolete. Do you wish to become obsolete? If not, join the cishumanist movement.

"Transhuman-Bashing (Trans-Bashing) is a new game developed by the leaders of the Cishumanist movement to show people the implications of Transhumanism. In this game, players post information or links to recent Transhumanist developments that will have a large effect on society. Other players then place comments on their post explaining the philosophically significant implications of such a technology. If a comment is made that sufficiently refutes the legitimacy of the technology, the author of that comment has won the round. 'Sufficiency' is determined based on the sum of positive and negative feedback given on the comment." - Luddite (Creator)

Friday, April 1, 2011

Welcome to the cishumanist movement!

Thanks for choosing human individuality!  This blog is for those who prefer to live embodied!


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